Dear Applicant,

Thank you for showing your interest in Human Resource Internship at DigitaLuxy. We are glad to inform you that your profile has been shortlisted for the next phase of the process.

This mail contains entire information concerning the Internship at EmpiroLuxy Management and Digital Solutions Private Limited. So, here we go…….

You might have gone through company’s profile but I would, once again, like to take this opportunity to introduce our company and its services. DigitaLuxy, a brand name of EmpiroLuxy Management and Digital Solutions Private Limited, is a Growth Marketing Company focused on Thriving the Digital Business of our Partner Organizations by 10x and help them to become Luxuriant. DigitaLuxy is an India based Company providing Brand Reputation & Marketing Solutions to Dynamic and Evolving corporations of the Middle East and Western Europe. We are working with India's Top Motivational Speakers, Business Coaches, Leadership Consultants and YouTube Personalities to keep their Digital Presence clean and shining with Great Stars, along with building their Personal Brand across YouTube, LinkedIn and Google Business Listings. We are helping Indian Business Houses to have a complete Digital Business Transformation-Developing it from Scratch to make it a Big name at Digital Platforms!

About Internship Process and Flow:

Internship opportunities at DigitaLuxy are focused to empower Young Talent by making them Internationally Certified Professionals through Google and Microsoft

Duration: The duration of Internship if of 1 month to 6 months as per the availability of students from 5th January to 25th June 2020

Mode: The Internship would be a blend of Physical as well as Virtual for all the Interns. Also, there would be an Induction and a Farewell Program of the Interns at various Internship locations for which the Intern would be recruited.

As we have received over thousands of applications across India for all the four domains of Internship Opportunities, we are trying our best to provide An Equal and Fair Opportunity to each and every intern. Consequently, we are conducting an Online Assessment within duration of 20 minutes having 60 MCQs. Depending upon the performance of an applicant, the benefits and perks would vary for the Interns.

Primarily, we are segregating students into five categories on the basis of performance in the Online Assessment:

Masters: Applicant, who would be scoring 85% or more

Achievers: Applicant, who would be scoring 80% - 84.99%

Performers: Applicant, who would be scoring 70% - 79.99%

Beginners: Applicant, who would be scoring 60% - 69.99%

Warriors: Applicant, who would be scoring less than 60%

Masters and Achievers are those people who are skilled enough to execute our work from the day one of their engagement (internship) with the company. These people would be assisting and working over the real and live projects (In Physical and /or Virtual-Work from Home mode) of DigitaLuxy and its Clients. While working on the projects they would also be trained for the Certifications of Google and Microsoft (whichever certificate is applicable to their category) via Online Mode, i.e. E-Learning. The only difference in Masters and Achievers is that Masters would be getting a Stipend of INR 5000-15000 from DigitaLuxy at the end of their Internship and they will not be paying any amount for their training and certification to DigitaLuxy whereas Achievers would not be getting any Stipend from DigitaLuxy and they also will not be paying any amount for their training and certification to DigitaLuxy.

Also, there is a Training cum Internship Program for Performers and Beginners where there would be an Intensive Training for a duration of 30-50 days, in the beginning, to make interns skilled enough to work over real projects followed by an Intensive Execution of the learned skillset over real and live projects of the DigitaLuxy and its Clients in next 90-100 days as per the availability of the student. This Training cum Internship would be in Physical and/or Virtual, i.e. E-Learning and /or Work from the Home mode, depending upon the company’s requirement of interns at various locations. For example, if a student is available for duration of 150 days, then he would be trained for first 50 days and he would be working in next 100 days. This program, Training cum Internship is Chargeable-Paid in nature where an intern would be paying a fixed amount to the DigitaLuxy as per the following matrix.
Performers would be paying INR 10000 + (18% GST), i.e. INR 11800, a

Beginners would be paying INR 12500 + (18% GST), i.e. INR 14750

Warriors, the applicants who are scoring less than 60% are not made for these fields as per our assessment and might be great in some other fields. So, we do not have any opportunities for these applicants at DigitaLuxy. We would not be providing Internship in any of our programs. They may fit somewhere else.

WIFFU (What’s In It for You): For Masters, Achievers, Performers, and Beginners

  • 3 International Certificates in the Domain of Human Resources
  • Internship Certificate with Letter of Recommendation and Project Report from EmpiroLuxy Management and Digital Solutions Private Limited
  • Preference to get 12 months On-Job Training with a Pre-Placement Offer after final semester of course enrolled.
  • Opportunity to associate with us for a yearlong (Work from Home/College) program to work over Real and Live projects of DigitaLuxy and its Clients with a handsome Stipend.

Note: We don’t have any Internship Opportunity with us without Certification from Google and Microsoft as we do believe in recruiting only those Interns which are serious to make their career in their respective fields and Certifications from Google and Microsoft is an exemplary showcase of their Skill-Set, Expertise, Dedication and Seriousness of their domain.

How to proceed ahead:

Follow the following link over Laptop, PC, Smart-Phone or Tablet; then enter Your Name, New Password & Email ID which you have mentioned in your application and then your assessment will start.

You can appear for this assessment anytime within next 48 hours, You should start right now if you can..

After the assessment, you will get a Call/Message/Mail regarding your performance in the assessment with further process.

All the Best!